Kevin's Mom made his first Cover Sleeve when his PICC line caught on a door knob resulting in a long and painful visit to the emergency room.

This Cover Sleeve offers a measure of protection and a degree of modesty for kids and adults with indwelling catheters. The machine washable sleeve closes with hook & loop closure tabs at the wrist and just above the elbow, and features elastic for a comfortable, adjustable fit. There are 3 closures along the length of the sleeve for breatheability and protection against snags.

These Cover Sleeves have been used at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, NC and approved by cardiologists and nurses at Duke University Medical Center.

"I think it's a useful product, especially with more kids getting long-term IV therapy at home. The kids at the Ronald McDonald House (in Durham) have been glad to have them." -- Robin Wilson, Clinical Nurse II, Pediatric Cardiology, Duke University, Durham, NC

"The sleeves are attractive and functional and were made with loving care by a mother for her son. What better recommendation can you ask for?" -- J. Rene Herlong, Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N. C.

"Other kids didn't stare as much, and we spent less time in the emergency room fixing it. It doesn't get caught on the bedcovers; I wore it all the time." --10 year old PICC line patient